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West End REACH Transit

A free, limited stop, fixed route service provided by Transportation Administration of Cleveland County. The route begins at 9:00 am and ends at 2:45 pm, Monday Wednesday and Friday. For more information call 704-482-6705. 
                                                West End Reach Transit Stop Numbers, Locations and Stop Times
   There is no charge to the passenger to ride this route. 704-482-2311
Stop #     Location                            Round 1          Round 2          Round 3          Round 4          Round 5            Round 6          Round 7
1     Howie Dr/Clev Co Library          9:00am           9:45 am           10:30am          12:00pm          12:45pm            1:30pm            2:15pm
2     Save-a-lot/Hi-way 74                   9:03am           9:48am            10:33am          12:03pm          12:48pm            1:33pm            2:18pm
3     Blanton St/Martin St                   9:06am           9:51am            10:36am          12:06pm          12:51pm            1:36pm            2:21pm
4     Schenck St/Cleco                        9:13am           9:58am            10:43am          12:13pm          12:58pm            1:43pm            2:24pm
5      Logan St/Antrum St                    9:15am           10:00am          10:45am          12:15pm          1:00pm             1:45pm             2:26pm
6    Food Lion/Post Rd                        9:20am          10:05am          10:50am          12:20pm          1:05pm             1:50pm             2:31pm
7     DSS/Clev. Com. College              9:22am         10:07am            10:52am          12:22pm          1:07pm            1:52pm             2:33pm
8     CC Health Dept/Post Rd              9:24am           10:09am           10:54am          12:24pm          1:09pm            1:54pm             2:35pm
9     Walmart/Hi-way 74                       9:32am          10:17am           11:02am          12:32pm           1:17pm            2:02pm             2:43pm